bulthaup kitchens

precision, innovation and timeless kitchen design

bulthaup kitchens are renowned worldwide for their architecture of living spaces. The brand is characterised by precision, innovation and the highest levels of craftsmanship. each and every customer is offered a comprehensive promise of quality and confidence with each bulthaup kitchen design solution.

The kitchen systems are created from a passion to build living spaces that are easy for the customer to use, and timeless in appearance. The company’s constant drive to innovate and display their engineering expertise makes a bulthaup kitchen the pinnacle of excellence.

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bulthaup b1

bulthaup b1 kitchen

bulthaup b1 is aimed at people who prize bulthaup kitchen design. They share the values of the brand and want to realise their aspirations in their home.

The b1 kitchen system uses strong geometric shapes with ‘chunky’ dimensions to create a solid visual appearance. The handless drawers create clean, unbroken surfaces along furniture runs accentuating the simple design and enabling users to open a unit from any position.

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bulthaup b2

bulthaup b2 kitchen

bulthaup b2 embodies the essence of what makes a kitchen. In the very earliest of kitchens, the actual storage space required was determined by the amount of cooking tools, crockery and appliances needed.

The simplicity of the b2 kitchen allows it to be installed in unusual spaces. For example, we installed one in a reclaimed vault space under an Georgian Estate. It was used to serve popcorn and refreshments to the adjacent vault which, had been converted into a cinema room.

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bulthaup b3

bulthaup b3 kitchen

bulthaup b3 brings limitless design freedom to the living space, as functional as it is beautiful. The furniture can merge the kitchen and living spaces together to form a single, social environment.

We have created many different bulthaup b3 kitchens in a variety of properties, from traditional farm houses and city centre apartments to renovated mill houses and modern new builds.

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