bulthaup b3

The bulthaup b3 kitchen design system encapsulates ‘state of the art’, its flexibility and versatility as much a key feature as the high-quality craftsmanship and materials. Launched in 2004, the bulthaup b3 kitchen seamlessly combines functionality; ergonomics and minimalist, light-looking form to create a kitchen space that is both useful and artistic.

A premium object through and through. This begins with its architectural independence and goes way beyond the limitless possibilities for lending the kitchen a personal style. It is a kitchen for people who want just one thing: The best.

The design system takes inspiration from the minimalist artists of the 1960s including Donald Judd and Shaker furniture of the 19th century. Creator of the b3 design system, Herbert H. Schultes, wanted to create a kitchen space that saved materials whilst retaining functional merits and displaying emotional and sensual components.

By removing the ‘hard to reach areas’ i.e. those at the very top and bottom of the user’s reach, the bulthaup b3 kitchen makes maximum use of the space immediately available between the wall and base units. It is the detailed study of the useful ergonomic space that makes the system so pleasing to use and offers unlimited design freedom.

bulthaup b3 kitchen furniture is hand-finished and millimetre precise, enabling your kitchen to be perfectly crafted to suit your home. The system has a range of cabinets, handles and finishes that allow our designers to create a space that complements your desired functionality, lifestyle and architecture of your home.

Popular additions to a bulthaup b3 kitchen include a pocket-door (pictured) and a roller-shutter garage. The units allow everyday worktop appliances, such as coffee machines, toasters and associated items, to be hidden away when not in use.

Function Wall – The b3 system was the first to activate the walls of the kitchen space beyond storage units. The ‘Function Wall’ (panels mounted on a strong metal framework) enables low units to be entirely raised off of the floor and creates options for additional storage and organisational accessories.

Island – Accessible from all sides, an island can become the centre-piece of a kitchen, encouraging people to gather around to talk and cook together. Fitted with an induction or gas hob, the furniture offers the cook a better view of the room. Allowing them to prepare food whilst maintaining eye-contact and conversation with friends and family.

Available as either floor-standing or foot-supported (pictured), an island increases available storage, additional prep-space and a natural ‘break’ from cooking zone to living area.

bulthaup-b3-pocket-door-veneer-interior bulthaup-b3-function-wall-floating-cabinets

Every bulthaup b3 kitchen is built from materials that have been highly engineered to last a lifespan of over 20 years. The collection of surfaces include:

Laminate – Laser-welded, without the need for glue, to create seamless panels that are both hardwearing and easy to clean.

Lacquer – Matte, Gloss and Soft Touch. A superb, premium surface that is hand-finished and closely inspected for consistency and quality. Soft-touch lacquer uses rubberised pigments to give the panels a unique, velvety feel.

Veneer – Thin strips of wood are arranged to create natural, intricate patterns and textures to the cabinet fronts and interiors. The use of veneers, including Oak, Cherry, Walnut and Apple, can bring warmth and contrast to a kitchen whilst visually linking the space with adjoining rooms or visible architecture.

Aluminium – Sheets of aluminium are anodised, resulting in a material surface that reflects the light and can change tonally depending on the viewer’s position. Like veneer, cabinets in a striking, prominent finish are often paired with more subtle tones in a laminate or lacquer.

Solid Wood – Oak and Walnut. The cabinetry is constructed using a 5-piece panel, which highlights the beauty of the wood and makes a detail of the intelligent engineering. By using two aluminium ‘pulls’ sandwiched between three sheets of solid wood, the panels are resistant to changes in temperature, moisture and ageing.

bulthaup-b3-materials-veneer-lacquer-oak bulthaup-stainless-steel-worktop-veneer-cabinets-waterpoint

The bulthaup b3 system has a range of options and accessories to further improve functionality, storage and everyday ease-of-use. Interior drawer boxes and the adaptable ‘Prism’ system (pictured) separate cutlery and cooking utensils.

The Function Wall has a collection of accessories and hidden storage elements. LED spotlights to illuminate work surfaces, shelving for cookery books, hanging herb pots and kitchen-roll holders are just some of the options available.

The bulthaup kitchen accessory collection brings the companies design style and clever thinking to a number of everyday items including breadboards, containers, storage jars, foil holders and pan trivets.

Each piece is finished to immaculately high-standards, simplifying the design to the bare essentials and highlighting the beauty of the materials.

bulthaup-prism-interior-organisational-system bulthaup-b3-functional-wall-storage-lighting


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