bulthaup b3

Architecture for Living Space

A premium object through and through. This begins with its architectural independence and goes way beyond the limitless possibilities for lending the kitchen a personal style. It is a kitchen for people who want just one thing: The best.

The universal bulthaup b3 design system encapsulates ‘state of the art’, its flexibility and versatility as much a key feature as the high quality craftsmanship and materials. Launched in 2004, the bulthaup b3 kitchen seamlessly combines functionality; ergonomics and minimalist, light-looking form to create a kitchen space that is both useful and artistic.


The design system takes inspiration from the minimalist artists of the 1960s including Donald Judd and Shaker furniture of the 19th century. Creator of the b3 design system, Herbert H. Schultes, wanted to create a kitchen space that saved materials whilst retaining functional merits and displaying emotional and sensual components.

By removing the ‘hard to reach areas’ i.e. those at the very top and bottom of the user’s reach, the bulthaup b3 kitchen makes maximum use of the space immediately available between the wall and base units. It is the detailed study of the useful ergonomic space that makes the system so pleasing to use and offers unlimited design freedom.

Elements can be wall hung, floor standing or foot supported dependent on the storage space required. All three installation formats create the impression of a ‘floating’ kitchen; which in turn emphasise the stylish, lightweight forms and precision finish only a bulthaup b3 kitchen can provide.

bulthaup b3 function boxesFunction Boxes

These function boxes provide storage for spices, oil and vinegar, kitchen tools, knives and small containers. In other words, everything you need to have on hand when preparing or serving food, cooking and cleaning.

seamless-joints-2Seamless Joins

Using laser welding technology bulthaup creates seamless, fused surfaces eliminating any optical perception of a join. Developed over many years, bulthaup are able to create flowing surfaces from a variety of high quality materials.

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