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Designing and building premium bespoke lighting that produces top-quality light is not only Tobias Grau’s aim; it’s their passion. Today that means intense involvement with new technologies whilst paying equal attention to ecological aspects. This results in totally new possibilities and necessities for lighting design.

The introduction of LEDs has enabled Tobias Grau to create a totally new kind of design for bespoke home lighting – with shapes, materials and sizes that wouldn’t be possible with previously conventional light sources. By redesigning the technology of their existing lamps to incorporate LEDs Tobias Grau not only lowered power consumption but also improved the light quality.

Tobias Grau Move Along | Bespoke Lighting


Tobias Grau bespoke lighting design

In 1984 Tobias Grau started out as Freelance Designer working from a loft in Hamburg focusing on interior design projects for advertising agencies and fashion stores. The interior design projects led to his first collection of luminaires which; he launched under his own name. Working with his wife, Franziska Grau, Tobias has built a company that is world renown for quality and a brand that represents ‘premium’.

Through the late 80s and early 90s Tobias gradually grew his product range until 1992 when he displayed his work at a number of trade fairs including Milan. It was now that Tobias Grau, the brand, became internationally recognised.

In 1999 the first Tobias Grau stores opened in Hamburg, Berlin and Dusseldorf  closely followed by an online retail presence in 2000. The new millenium sees Tobias Grau continue to develop new exciting lighting technology including the release of the first LED luminaire named LEED.

The focus on LED technology drives innovation in dimming controls and leads to new a product range.

Lighting collection highlights

Falling Up – The light fixture ‘drips from the ceiling’ using the latest LED lighting technology to provide a powerful lamp that looks incredible when arranged in a group.

Money Table  – A new interpretation of the table light with a lampshade built utilising  LED lighting technology to reduce power consumption and heat production to practically zero.

George – The  floor standing lamp has a reflector sail to adjust light distribution and combines wood and metal to create a striking room feature.

Move Along – The metallic organic design of the suspension lamp is available in three lengths and utilises the LED lighting technology for the optimum energy efficiencies.

LEED – The table is designed to be both easily adjustable and highly elegant. The positioning of the LEDs is such that the lamp produces no glare even when tilted towards the user.

To view the full Tobias Grau bespoke lighting luminaire collection click here

Tobias-Grau My Table | Bespoke Lighting | Hobsons Choice

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