heat is everything

Zehnder Yuca bathroom radiator

At Zehnder, heat is everything.

We all rely on heat to live, from the warmth of our mothers’ wombs to the cosy feel of a well-heated home. Heat gives life and makes us feel secure. We are passionate about heat. Since our company was founded more than 100 years ago, heat has been inspiring us to achieve innovations in radiator technology time and time again. These innovations have become the industry standard – you only have to think of our tubular radiators or towel radiators, for example.

Yet just as heat is about much more than measurements in Celsius and Fahrenheit, so radiators are about much more than just technology.

For Zehnder, they are also designer pieces which should integrate seamlessly into different living and furnishing styles – something that should be part of everyone’s lifestyle. Zehnder products and systems can provide you with the ideal solutions for a comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient indoor climate.

Zehnder manufactures decorative bathroom radiators, kitchen radiators and living room radiators for a comfortable room atmosphere. From new builds to renovation; from towel drying radiators for the bathroom to curved made-to-measure radiators for a bay window, Zehnder products ensure a feeling of well-being in every room.

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