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Two brands, one driving passion: to build outstanding kitchen equipment that looks great and delivers the professional performance that instills real cooking confidence. Sub-Zero has been designing the ultimate in refrigeration for more than 60 years. Wolf has been building cooking equipment to satisfy the most demanding professional chefs and domestic cooks for more than 70 years. That experience shows. Whatever vision you have for the kitchen in your home, our products will fit in beautifully.

The design ethos today is still the same as it has always been, combining great looks and professional performance. Sub-Zero Wolf heritage can still be seen in such timeless details as Sub-Zero’s classic louvered grille, or in Wolf’s sleek contemporary lines. Timeless style effortlessly combined with quality that is built to last.


Sub-Zero Refrigeration


Wolf ovens are the perfect combination of advanced, easy-to-use technology with striking functional design. The stainless steel finish is seamless and sleek, equally at home in a contemporary or traditional setting.

Dual Fuel – Combining a gas cooktop, available in a number of options including grill, teppanyaki and French top, with dual electric convection ovens. 91cm / 122cm / 152cm sizes.

M Series – Available in three distinct designs – the handleless black glass ‘Contemporary’, the stainless steel-framed ‘Transitional’ and bold ‘Professional’. Cooking features include preset cooking programmes, 14% more interior space and the new ‘Dual VertiCross’ convection system.

E Series – An oven built to cook and look great in your kitchen. Three different styles ensure there is an E Series that suits your kitchen whether it is sleek and modern or traditional and rustic.

Warming drawers 

Adjust the temperature with digital accuracy ensuring prepared foods remain perfect until serving. Available with an optional six-piece container set.



Whether you prefer gas, electric or induction, Wolf have a solution that delivers incredible cooking functionality and stylish design.

Rangetops – Feature seven configurations including infrared griddle and chargrill, French top and dual stacked, sealed burners.

Gas – Enabling the user with precision control, easy to clean sealed burners and rugged porcelain-coated cast iron grates.

Induction – Sleek, black glass cooktops providing energy efficient, ultra-fast and safe cooking technology.

Integrated – A choice of six integrated modules cover every type of cooking technique, from steaming to deep frying to stir frying, and can be mixed and matched to create your own perfect cooktop. You can turn any counter area into a cooktop, even adding specialty functions to an existing cooktop or range, giving you the flexibility and control to cook with confidence.


Coffee Machine 

Make professional quality brewed coffee, espresso, cappuccino and latte at the touch of a button using either whole-bean or ground coffee. With a large, two litre reservoir no plumbing is necessary and cleaning can be completed without the need to disassemble the unit as milk never enters the machinery.


Powerful multi-speed blowers deliver maximum performance keeping the air free from smoke and smells, however busy the kitchen. They are made from heavy-duty welded steel so finely finished that they appear seamless.

Cooktop hoods have front–mounted controls, four blower speeds and an indicator that lets the user know when the dishwasher-safe aluminium mesh filter needs cleaning.

The downdraft rises quietly from within the kitchen unit to a height of 36cm, taller than a typical extractor of this type. The additional height improves the ventilation performance for cookware such as woks and stockpots.

Classic, chimney style wall hoods are available in a range of styles and sizes with the option of infrared heat lamps on the 686mm deep models.


Fresh and frozen foods need different environments to keep them at their best. Frozen foods need frigid, dry conditions, while fresh foods need chilly, humid air to keep them from drying out. Yet most fridge/freezers circulate the same super-dry air from the freezer round the whole unit, taking with it undesirable smells and flavours that can taint and spoil your food. Not Sub-Zero.

The dual refrigeration system means that both the freezer and the fridge have their own independent sealed system, each run by its own compressor. What does that mean? It means that your ice cream stays creamier, your salad doesn’t wilt, your fridge never has that stale metallic smell, and your ice never tastes of fish. It’s not rocket science. All it takes is a little more thought, and a lot more care.

Sub-Zero carefully designs its equipment for maximum energy efficiency. Each heavy-gauge steel door is magnetically sealed to keep the cold air in and the warm air out. The seal is so efficient that owners have reported food staying frozen despite power cuts lasting several days. Every time you open and close the fridge, the dedicated compressor quickly restores temperature without taxing the freezer. The Sub-Zero collection is versatile and stylish enough to look at home in any kitchen, whether contemporary or traditional.

Sub-Zero Cooling 

The Sub-Zero range is full of innovative technologies designed to keep foods in the correct environment to preserve and maintain freshness. Fridges and Freezers are designed for maximum energy efficiency, ease of use and the unmistakable style of a Sub-Zero appliance.

Key features include:

  • The dual refrigeration system means that both the freezer and the fridge have their own independent sealed system, each run by its own compressor.
  • The anti-microbial air purification system continuously filters a range of contaminants that could be harmful to foods. The air is refreshed every 20 minutes.
  • Storage drawers form a special lower-temperature zone, a fridge within a fridge.

In addition to the high quality built-in refrigerators, Sub-Zero created the PRO 48 range an embodiment of the company philosophy, ‘Freshness above all’. It is an appliance that would make an eye-catching focus in any kitchen.

For more understated spaces Sub-Zero have a range of integrated appliances that maintain the decor of the room.

Integrated Drawers 

The drawers open up new options for convenience, for example, store fresh produce on a kitchen island, chill drinks in the cinema room or store fruit in the gym.


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