At innovation’s cutting edge for over 160 years

Siemens continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with innovative cooking technologies and time saving solutions. The stunning modern appliance designs, in black glass and brushed steel, are made from high quality materials that perfectly coordinate with your living space.

These include the range of award winning dishwashers featuring the world’s first and only Zeolith® drying system; stunning American style fridge freezers with TFT clearText displays that never have to be defrosted and Ovens that coordinate with microwaves, hoods, hobs and coffee machines and even smartphone devices to create a spectacular kitchen for your home.


Siemens Cooking

Ovens – The Siemens Oven range offers the ability to achieve seamless design co-ordination between appliances available in four distinct variants: iQ700, iQ500 and iQ300 that cover almost every kitchen appliance. With all pieces designed to combine effortlessly with each other. Key features include:

Variospeed – Utilising microwave and oven functionality, ‘Variospeed’ saves up to 50% of your time and allows you to adjust the cooking time to your own speed of life.

4D Hot Air Cooking – Allowing the user to cook both sweet and savoury dishes at the same time without flavours and smells intermingling.

TFT Touch Display – Menus and cooking functions are easy to read and operate on the high-resolution touch screen.

Steam Oven – Thanks to the multi-operational features on Siemens steam ovens, you can cook gently with steam, bake and roast with hot air.


Induction Hob – Siemens ‘FlexInduction’ technology allows the user to link a number of the individual cooking zones together for larger pans. Extended cooking zones can even accommodate multiple pans when required. Flush, cook top ‘TouchSlider’ controls require the lightest of touches to change the temperature of cooking zones whether your hands are hold, cold or covered in ingredients.

Gas Hob – With a variety of arrangements, Siemens gas hobs provide the latest high-speed burner technology built from stainless steel and cast iron.

Extraction – With the trend for open plan living, a quiet, efficient and powerful extractor is essential to prevent unwanted odours and grease-laden air lingering around the home. Siemens range includes both external and re-circulating ceiling, flush-fit and worktop ‘downdraft’ extractors.


Siemens Cooling & Cleaning



Refrigeration – Saving energy is paramount to Siemens. As is clean design, first-class quality and smart thinking. It’s an attitude that runs across their entire range of cooling products; from the smallest under the counter model to the stunning aCool fridge freezers. Key features include:

Hyper Fresh Drawer – Enjoy fresher food for longer with the innovative Siemens cooling technologies. Select the type of food to be stored in the ‘hyper fresh’ drawer and let the appliance regulate how much humidity your food receives.

Soft Close – Minimising noise through the dampening of the closing mechanism.

Easy Lift Glass Shelf – A convenient shelf that can be raised and lowered to accommodate large items, even when fully stocked.

aCool Wine Cabinet – With room for 98 bottles, the elegant aCool Wine Cabinet presents and cares for your collection in two independently adjustable temperature zones.

Dishwashing – The new generation of Siemens dishwashers not only bring you even more of the flexibility, versatility and innovation you’ve come to expect from Siemens, but also set new standards in low water and energy consumption. Innovations include:

Time Light – When using quiet dishwashers it isn’t always easy to tell of the appliance is mid cycle. To avoid opening the door whilst the dishwasher is working the innovative ‘Time Light’ projects the remaining cycle time onto the floor.

Door Open Assist – All a user has to do to open the dishwasher is simply touch the door front, making loading and unloading easy. The feature also removes the need for a handle making it an ideal choice for a sleek designer kitchen.

Shine & Dry – A highly energy efficient drying function using Zeolith-based technology. The mineral, stored in the depths of the dishwasher, has the astonishing ability to absorb moisture and convert it to heat.

IntensiveZone – Enabling the user to wash delicate glassware and burnt cooking pans in the same wash. The lower basket receives higher temperature and increased spray pressures whilst the upper basket items are protected.


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