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The Miele Company has a long and rich history of high quality engineering. “Immer Besser” or “Forever Better” was established early as the company motto and stands for a commitment to the highest quality standards, longevity and improvement; both in production and business practices.

Founded in 1899 by a farmers son, Carl Miele, and a salesman, Reinhard Zinkann, The Miele Company is still independently owned and managed by the Miele and Zinkann families. With global headquarters in Gutersloh, Germany, Miele is a world leader in the production of premium domestic and commercial appliances.

Miele Induction hob and oven

Miele pride themselves on creating the best products with unsurpassed quality, each are designed for over 15 years use and are subjected to rigorous endurance testing during development. Quality is paramount for the Germanic manufacturer and further product testing after manufacture is commonplace making sure the consumer has piece of mind.

Key moments in the company’s history include the first electric dishwasher, the 1st ever fully automatic Washing Machine and the first Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer and Dishwasher to be controlled by Microprocessors. It is Miele’s constant quest to innovate using new technologies that maintains their position as a global leader in domestic and commercial equipment manufacture.

Miele offer a broad range of products that reflect the multitude of lifestyle needs. From the ground breaking Miele coffee system to advanced cooking products, the Miele brand is established globally and recognised for high quality and excellent design. Eloquently described by themselves as ‘innovative, with a host of exciting features and market leading performance wrapped up in a gentle evolution of timeless design’.

Miele Design

PureLine is understated. It can easily be integrated into a modern kitchen where the focus is on a minimalist range of materials. The high proportion of glass creates a calm visual impression. Distinctive features include horizontal stainless steel components and an attractive handle, which appears to float above a background of jet-black glass.

The minimalist approach is reflected in a series of clean steel as well as all-glass appliances in Obsidian Black, Havana Brown and Brilliant White.

M-Touch technology brings touch sensitive control to the Pureline range, simplifying the user interface further with easy to follow, on-screen instructions.



Microwave Combination Oven – The addition of a microwave to the traditional cooking functions of an oven make the appliances versatile kitchen helpers. Use the cooking functions separately or combine them to save up to 30% of the cooking time (depending on the dish).

Steam Oven – Steam is generated externally preventing the potential build up of lime scale within the oven and injected into the oven cavity to cook many types of food. Eight steam inlet ports enable the fast generation and even distribution of steam making certain of uniform cooking results.

Steam Combination Oven – Operating as either a conventional oven or as a stand-alone steam oven, the appliance offers the user a wealth of options for perfect cooking, roasting and baking results. The ‘Keeping Warm Function’ automatically keeps food warm for 15 minutes after the cooking programme has ended.

Steam / Microwave Combination Oven – A single kitchen appliance capable of efficiently steaming, cooking and reheating food. With a multitude of innovative functions, the steam and microwave combination provides the perfect companion for a Miele oven.

Microwave – Available as a ‘Solo’ microwave or with an integrated quartz grill, the Miele appliance has many useful cooking functions beyond simply reheating or defrosting food.

Miele Cooking

Oven – With a wealth of features and a truly modern design language, Miele ovens are as eye-catching as they are functional. Steel and glass are fused together with clean straight lines and differing colours and textures to create a unique timeless feel. Some of the incredible features of Miele Ovens include:

Moisture Plus – Increase the humidity inside the oven to optimise the cooking of a variety of foods; crusty bread rolls, succulent tender meat with a nicely browned crust and delicious soufflés.

Food Probes – By measuring the core temperature of the meat you are assured of perfect results without having to oversee the cooking process.

Cool Touch Fronts – Miele ovens are cooled on all sides keeping the user areas (handle / door) and adjoining cabinetry pleasantly cool.

Automatic Programmes – Over 100 dishes that can be selected and controlled automatically by the oven including bread, cake and meats.




Whichever method of cooking you choose the Miele hob range will provide quick heat, clever design and a quality finish.

Induction & Electric – The stylish black glass cooktops feature innovative cooking technologies to allow accurate control of heat and efficient use of energy. Key features include: Con@ctivity 2.0 – The automatic function enables the cooktop and extractor to communicate with one another so ventilation of the kitchen starts without the user having to switch on the hood.

PowerFlex – Induction hob zones, which enable the heating of large pans regardless of size.

Easy to Clean – Splatter and soiling are easy to remove due to the smooth ceramic glass.

Gas Hobs – The hobs are available in attractive ceramic glass or minimalist stainless steel finishes, each with enameled pot rests and burner parts. Using electronic controls, either touch or rotary, the burners are quickly switched on and cooking can begin.

CombiSet Cooktops – Offering the user complete flexibility to define their own set of individual cooking surfaces, from induction, gas and barbeque to tepanyaki and a deep fat fryer.



Coffee Machines – Miele offers the user a choice of appliances, catering for different tastes and kitchen layouts. For the coffee lover that enjoys the taste and aroma of freshly ground beans there is the integrated ‘Bean to Cup’. For convenience there is the built-in ‘Nespresso’ capsule system and, for those who prefer a portable experience, the ‘Countertop Bean to Cup’ can be placed anywhere in the home.

Warming Drawer – A versatile addition to any kitchen, capable of cooking meats at a low temperature, proving dough, cup and plate warming and gentle defrosting.

Extractors – Miele offer a range of external and recirculation extractors including wall, island, flush-fit ceiling and downdraft. The extractors produce the minimal amount of noise due to the efficient motors and additional soundproofing. Inside, a ten-layer grease filter traps unwanted odours and fat particles, which can then be conveniently washed in a dishwasher when dirty. Recirculating models have active charcoal filters, highly capable of neutralising smells within a closed space.

Miele Cooling, Coffee, Ventilation and Cleaning

Refrigeration – Miele’s range of built-in and standalone units are designed for convenience and functionality. ‘PerfectFresh’ and ‘PerfectFresh Pro’ are Miele cooling concepts that guarantee your food gets the best storage conditions. Separate climate zones are controlled to suit fresh foods and keep it fresh for up to three times longer when compared to a standard refrigerator section. Additional key features include:

Soft Close Door – Preventing potential spillages from items stored on the door shelves.

Comfort Clean – The high quality shelves in the door can be easily removed and cleaned in a dishwasher.

Active AirClean Filters – Food and wine should be correctly stored in a cold and odourless environment to maintain freshness. The charcoal and chitosan air filter eliminates virtually all smells and is quick and easy to replace.

Wine Storage – With variable temperature zones for red, rosé and white wines a Miele wine conditioning unit will make sure your wine is served at the right temperature time after time.


Dishwasher – The range of integrated dishwashers have a number of clever features, which make the everyday task more efficient and effortless.

Knock to Open – The feature enables a handle less finish, maintaining the sleek appearance of a modern designer kitchen and offering easy-to-open functionality.

3D Cutlery Tray – A patented design allowing tray adjustments to accommodate a variety of cutlery and utensils.

AutoOpen Drying – A second patented Miele dishwasher technology, the door automatically opens when the programme is complete allowing in fresh air to reach the crockery.

ExtraQuiet – With a noise level of only 38db a Miele dishwasher is perfect for open plan living.


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