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Founded in 1683, Gaggenau has been involved in the manufacturer of metal consumer durables for over 300 years. In 1961, Gaggenau was taken over by a visionary entrepreneur Georg von Blanquet, his influence; passion for cooking and quest to create professional appliances has made Gaggenau the industry leader it is today.

Each Gaggenau appliance is handcrafted, attention to detail and the human touch during intricate assembly processes are intrinsic to the company philosophy. No other company has revolutionised common kitchen practices as much as Gaggenau; built-in ovens, glass ceramic cooktops, pyrolytic self-cleaning, the Combi-steam oven for the home and oven doors that can be opened from the side, to name but a few.


Cooking & Baking

The Gaggenau appliances offer a wealth of functionality and design characteristics that will enable you to find the perfect complement to your home and lifestyle.


200 Series – The 200 series is understated, manufactured with carefully selected materials and capable of being installed flush in any combination, fitting perfectly into every interior. Practically nothing sticks to the special blue Gaggenau enamelling. Any more stubborn stains are removed during pyrolytic self-cleaning, after which they are simply wiped away.

The three colours Gaggenau Anthracite, Metallic and Silver guarantee maximum flexibility for your kitchen design.

400 Series – The 400 series has a striking presence in a room emphasised by the use of selected materials such as solid stainless steel. The protruding handle less doors can be automatically opened with a single touch of the TFT screen making access effortless when carrying heavy dishes.

EB 388 – At the Milan 2016 Salone del Mobile, Gaggenau revealed a modern day refresh of the EB 388. A timeless oven design manufactured almost entirely by hand for over 20 years and a favourite of top chefs around the world.



Steam Combination Oven

The use of steam is one of the healthiest ways to cook food and retain vitamins, minerals, consistency and colour of food often lost in more traditional methods.

Our clients often choose a Steam Combination Oven in place of a Microwave, perfect for reheating food without the unnecessary ‘drying out’ that can occur. In combination with hot air or the grill function the oven is ideal for crispy roasts, simply switch off the steam shortly before the end of the cooking time to allow everything to brown at a high temperature.

Microwave Combination Oven

Proving the user with microwave, grill and oven functionality the appliance is simple, efficient and offers many cooking options.


With a full glass door, the 200 series Microwave is an eye-catching addition to any appliance bank offering easy-to-use cooking functionality.


With high quality, long lasting, ceramic grinding discs, options to personalise your own beverages and aroma brewing technology the Gaggenau integrated Expresso machines are the ultimate convenience for the coffee lover.

Warming Drawers

Working at a steady temperature range of 40 – 80 degrees C, a warming drawer can be used for more than keeping cups and plates warm. For example, roast meat can be browned, dough proved ready for baking, soups warmed or frozen items gently defrosted.

Vario Cooktop 

The Vario Cooktop series comprises of specialised appliances that can be combined for every cooking eventuality including; classic glass ceramic, gas and induction cooktops, grilling, deep frying and steaming, as well as suitable ventilation elements.



Vario Cooling 

Gaggenau refrigerators offer up to 5 different climate zones that can be controlled to the exact temperature degree. Each of the cooling appliances boasts high quality interior fittings, for example the door racks in the 400 series are constructed from solid shot-blasted aluminium. The built-in or freestanding appliances offer innovative storage design and class A energy efficiency.

For the wine enthusiast Gaggenau cooling provides the optimum storage facility, giving the user the ability to recreate a cool cellar climate in a modern home. Bottles are laid upon solid trays that can easily be extended whilst protecting the delicate labels with rounded beech rods.



Vario Dishwasher

57 minutes, all the time needed to wash and dry a full load of your dishes in the new record-breaking Vario dishwashers from Gaggenau. Using Zeolite technology the dishwashers claim excellent energy efficiency figures and drying performance.

Vario Ceiling Extraction 

With the ever-growing trend for open plan living spaces efficient ventilation is more important then ever. Gaggenau offer cooktop and ceiling ventilation solutions to make certain unwanted odours and grease particles do not permeate across the home.

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