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BORA’s vision begins with the end of the traditional extractor hood. Willi Bruckbauer, CEO and Developer at BORA, believes the modern kitchen requires a new way of thinking about the removal of unwanted cooking vapours. When he set out to create a new extraction system, one that meets the highest standards of both technology and aesthetics, he revolutionised established thinking.

For year’s, downdraft and hooded extraction has captured unwanted odours and smells at a height above the pots and pans. Using the simple principles of fluid dynamics, Willi reinvented extraction. The new system creates a ‘cross-flow’ of air, which is faster than the rising speed of the cooking vapour. This pulls the unwanted odours towards the centre of the hob, down through the central vent, into the charcoal filters and out through the recirculating or external outlet.

The BORA extraction system can open up additional kitchen planning possibilities and offers a range of benefits when compared to cooker hoods.

  • Less heat from the ambient air is removed, improving the living environment and potentially saving money in an open-plan living space
  • The energy efficient motor saves power and makes much less noise at head-height, allowing the cook to comfortably talk to guests and family
  • Cleaning and maintaining the 3 moving extractor parts is incredibly easy, remove them by hand and place them in the dishwasher – done
  • BORA extractors achieve a 100% ‘Cleanrate’ at head-height. Rather than pulling unwanted vapours upwards, past your face, the extraction system intelligently uses flow-speed to suck away odours from the source
  • With the BORA downdraft system, new kitchen layout opportunities can be explored. Cooking in front of a window, under the eaves, create an island without a bulky hood obscuring the view or include additional wall storage above the hob

BORA Classic extractor hobsons choice Swindon Bath Winchester London

BORA basic extractor cooktop hobsons choice Swindon Bath Winchester London

BORA provides three solutions –  Professional, Classic and Basic, each providing extraordinary and efficient extraction solutions.

Professional (Top) – A combination of solid stainless steel rotary controls, extra-deep cooktops and the innovative extraction system create a chef’s dream cooking surface. Cooktop combinations include induction, wok induction, ceramic, gas and tepan.

Classic (Above)– A minimalist design, able to complement a variety of worktop surfaces and kitchen styles. Smart touch display technology and a collection of combinable cooktops, induction, wok induction, ceramic, gas and tepan.

Basic (Left) – The cooktop and integrated extractor are sleekly merged together, with an unusual design and easy-to-use touch controls. The appliance is available with induction and ceramic cooktops.

To find out more about BORA and the range of extraction systems click here

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