bulthaup Milan 2018 – New Kitchen Systems

At the recent Eurocucina exhibition in Milan bulthaup presented two kitchen systems.

The first, a reinterpretation of the bulthaup b3 kitchen island, designed to encourage people to prepare food and cook together more efficiently and comfortably. The second, a broader concept titled, b.architecture, allows the user to create different architectural spaces in accordance with their preferences. Inspired by people’s needs, the system regards cooking as a means of communication and water as a key focal element.


bulthaup b3 Island – A Reinterpretation
The new b3 island lends itself to a greater level of personal functionality with pull-out utensil storage, slide-out ‘function boards’ and flexible organisation. The design encourages people to cook together around the island, with shared access to ingredients and kitchen accessories stored beneath the sliding worktop elements.



The slide-out ‘functional boards’, create useful spaces for utensil storage or can double-up as additional worktop space when necessary. Smaller modules integrated directly below the work surface present specific accessories or items. For example, a chopping board, knife, and blade care oil.


bulthaup b.architecture
Following detailed research into people’s needs, cultural preferences and living spaces, the bulthaup b.architecture system was developed around the importance of time and appreciating moments with loved ones.

The system includes moveable architectural elements, enabling users to define their interior spaces depend on their individual needs with large panel dividers, integrated lighting, and doors.


Spending time together to talk and cook remains a strong focus for the new concept. The table surface now becomes a place upon which food preparation is supported. Pull-out utensil trays place useful preparation tools close-to-hand and central cooling/heating plates keep food and drink at the perfect temperature.

The table surface cooling/heating sections are controlled by placing 4-sided ‘pictogram bars’ on the module – each side representing a different temperature.

Each of the bulthaup kitchen systems represents the industry-leading thinking and innovative design the company is renown for. Time will tell which of the concepts and respective ideas make it into production. For more information about bulthaup’s Milan presentation visit their website www.bulthaup.com