New Kitchen Project in 2018 – Chapter 1

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Welcome to our ‘New Kitchen Project Guide’, I hope you find it a useful starting point as you begin to plan your dream kitchen.

A typical topic of conversation that pops-up in many homes after New Year is interior renovation. Whether simply a change of colour and style, a new layout for an existing room in the house or a larger project, like an extension.

For those of you looking towards a new kitchen, we have put together a simple guide on what you might like to consider when planning your new space. It is always exciting to embark on, what I believe should be, an enjoyable and life-changing (for the better), experience.

Where to Begin?

There is an incredible amount of information and inspiration readily available to anyone looking to change their home. From TV shows and magazines to thousands of websites and lots of beautiful showrooms. Before you begin pouring over the latest styles and schemes I would recommend you ask yourself the following questions.

What do you like about your current kitchen?

Examples – The layout works well, lots of natural light, the position in the house is perfect for views out into the garden.

What do you dislike about your current kitchen?

Examples – The furniture is looking tired, small appliances are cluttering the work surfaces, when you are cooking nothing is within easy-reach.

What do wish to spend, in total, on your project?

Bear in mind you may be thinking about more than simply kitchen furniture and appliances. Flooring, lighting, heating and decoration all need to play a part in your plan.

What do you want your finished space to be?

Examples – Is it a social cooking / dining room, will it become an open-plan area or have you always wanted to cook a certain type of food but haven’t had the right appliances?

How do you want your new space to feel?

A number of elements fall into this question, from your taste in colour and style through to the functions you wish the room to achieve. Examples – Warm, textured, light and airy, glossy, matte, social, sleek, rustic.

These questions, and many more they are sure to spark, will help you form a basis for the kitchen you wish to achieve.


If I was going to be looking for ideas I would go to the following places:


  • Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom
  • Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms
  • Elle Decoration
  • Living etc
  • 25 Beautiful Homes
  • Ideal Home
  • House and Garden


When you are collating your ideas and inspiration ‘mood boards’ or ‘scrap books’ are very useful for reference. Carefully organized, they can support discussions later in the process. These are the sections I would use to organize my thoughts, you can obviously choose whatever you like.

  • Colours and Textures – Walls | Kitchen Furniture | Worktops | Wall paneling
  • Kitchen Style – Modern (Flat Panel) | Shaker (Framed Door) | Classic (Decorative)
  • Room Layout – Kitchen / Dining | Open Plan | Kitchen
  • Appliances – Ovens | Steam Oven / Microwave |Hobs | Extractors | Fridge / Freezer | Wine Cooler | Extractors | Hot Water Tap | Dishwasher
  • Flooring – Tiles | Wood | Concrete |
  • Lighting – Hidden | Ceiling | Dining | Cooking
  • Heating – Radiators | Underfloor


However, you explore the wealth of imagery, advice and styles available to consider I hope you enjoy it. Always remember it is your home and your kitchen, so make it perfect for you. Armed with all this knowledge and brimming with ideas, it is now time to venture out and experience some kitchen showrooms that meet your criteria.

But, before you jump in the car, please read the next part of our guide. Chapter 2 has some useful pointers as to what to look for, talk about and take with you to make the most of your showroom visit.

Happy Researching


Richard Carter – hobsons|choice ~MD

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