Gaggenau Kitchen Workshop – Winchester

The second Gaggenau cooking event of our autumn series took place at our Winchester showroom on Thursday 12th October 2017, hosted by Home Economist, Allison Sawyer. The evening brought guests from across Hampshire, each keen to find out more about the appliances and how to achieve the best cooking results.


Allison prepared a number of recipes during the evening, showing the versatility of the Steam Combination by cooking three separate courses in the same oven at the same time! Each dish was delicious and free from any indication it had been cooked alongside other foods.

The relaxed atmosphere ensured everyone was comfortable enough to ask questions and talk openly about their own experiences. The final recipe, a hand-made stone baked pizza, involved several guests taking part in the preparation and creating their own culinary masterpieces to share.



The hobsons|choice, Winchester team would like to say ‘Thank you’ to everyone who took the time to attend. To reserve your place at our next cooking activity, visit our events page and email