Our Design Consultants visit Rimadesio, Milan

With the popularity of Rimadesio glass-sliding-doors, dressing room storage and contemporary furniture continuing to increase. Our design team have been to Italy, learning more about the design and engineering of the innovative Rimadesio products at the company’s head office in Milan.

Loredana Persano Adorno, Export Area Manager Rimadesio and hobsons|choice team

Reflecting on the trip, Natasha Townsend, Design Consultant, said; “The quality of finishing is second to none, the staff take such pride in what they do. The technicians were checking, then double checking again to make sure everything was absolutely perfect before moving to the next stage of manufacture. It is incredible to think that every single product, and the showroom interior, have been designed by the same talented designer, Giuseppe Bavuso.”


Clive Hathaway, Project Director, was amazed at how Rimadesio have created a very eco-friendly and sustainable business. “Using solar power the factory creates enough energy in the Italian sunshine to power the entire production process and a little bit extra to sell back to their national grid! Their use of water based paints and re-cyclable materials & packaging, make it one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable companies I have ever seen.”

The trip was a great success and the team are looking forward to putting their new-found knowledge into practice. To explore the Rimadesio collection of contemporary furniture, glass-sliding doors and beautiful storage systems, click here.

hobsons choice design team Rimadesio interior design

contemporary interior design by Rimadesio available from hobsons choice

Rimadesio furniture, sideboard, storage and glass-sliding-doors