BORA ‘Up in the Air’ Experience

Innovative kitchen appliance manufacturer, BORA, brought their ‘Up in the Air’ cooking experience to London during July. Members of the hobsons|choice team dined with other invited guests, suspended 100ft above the streets of Lambeth, London in the BORA cookery demonstration capsule. During the hour long session our team tasted a variety of dishes prepared on ‘Professional 2.0’ tepan yaki and induction cooktops. The capsule remained odour-free throughout, thanks to the highly efficient BORA extraction system.


Simon Holbrook, Design Consultant, said; “It was an incredible, once in a life-time experience. The view, the food and the company made the event unforgettable. Thank you to BORA for inviting us, I’m not sure I’ll ever do anything like it again!” Natasha Townsend, Design Consultant, added; “Being lifted 100ft in the air to have Sunday lunch was brilliant. Also, with all the cooking going on, I was amazed that the inside of the capsule was free of smells. Brilliant technology!”

BORA In-the-Air cookery demonstration capsule group

hobsons choice team at BORA experience